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As part of its mission, Ezvalu Solutions was founded in 2012 to provide small businesses with the same high quality design and solutions that large organizations receive.

We provide the following services:

We have an in-house graphic design team led by supervisors that have worked for ad agencies providing solutions to enterprises for many years. With a green screen studio with TV production experience, we provide a very high quality video solution to our small business owners at a price that is not only affordable, but also hard to find anywhere else in town. 

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Business Overview

Our studio is the only design and video studio in the Greater Toronto Area  (GTA) that offers enterprise-quality creative services at an affordable price to small businesses, using our team of designers and green screen studios.


Our Mission at Ezvalu is to provide high-quality creative design and video services to the small businesses that don’t have the large budget. We aim to make our clients stand out.


Our Vision is to become one of the most recognized and creative design video studio in Canada, that create some of the most phenomenal work and iconic brands.


We aim to provide the highest quality possible as a design studio to small businesses within the budget they can afford. Therefore, they get the best value for their money. We also stand for diversity, multiculturalism, equal opportunity and inclusion.

Serving clients across Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Hamilton, Oshawa, Burlington, and the surrounding areas.

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